Moulton, Alex Moulton Bicycles (GB) Assembly Instructions und Certificate of Ownership 1980er Jahre

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Alex Moulton Bicycles Assembly Instructions AM2 & AM/ L ALEX MOULTON LIMITED BRADFORD ON AVON ENGLAND ow to assemble your Alex Moulton The Alex Moulton bicycle is a b | CYC | 5 separable bicycle which divides into two parts for easy stowage. These are your assembly instructions read carefully. 1. Joiningthe bicycle - Unscrew locknut fully. re Ä DIS EN 5. Push kingpin in as far as it will go. Carton contents: Front wheel assembly Rear wheel assembly Saddle and saddle pin Spanner and 6mm allen key (located under saddle) ote 11. Saddle - Insert saddle pillar into 12. Handlebars - Loosen handlebars 13. Pedals - Remove pedals with frame tube and tighten with allen key. with allen key and align at 90° to front spanner provided and replace correct The pump is kept inside seat pillar. wheel. Re-tighten with allen key. Ensure way round. Tighten very securely. Note: Always mer to replace allen key brake cable is not twisted around frame. Left hand side pedal has a reverse under saddle. thread i.e. turn anticlockwise to tighten. 2. Unscrew kingpin and pull out. 3. With both wheels on ground enter 4. Close both halves of bicycle hook joint into the socket. together. / 14. Suspension. With rider in position, Alter damping by tightening or Reverse the assembly instructions to the leading links should be adjusted to loosening the friction pads. The front separate the bicycle, making sure to be approximately horizontal. and rear friction pads on both sides of push the kingpin back in to avoid The knurled ring should be turned the wheel should be altered by the damage during transportation. clockwise to lower forks, anticlockwise same amount. to lift forks. allen key. x ll 16. Lift off and turn round to align with position on front frame. 15. Unscrew speed change lever with | 17. Locate on front front frame and secure with allen key. CAUTION: Ensure front brake cable spiggot on frame locates in rear brake cable socket on speed change lever assembly. Maintenance Ir&tructions These instructions are to help you with the small amount of maintenance required to keep your Alex Moulton bicycle in perfect running order. Read them carefully. A few general hints are also included for your guidance. Riding Position The correct saddle height is very important. When positioned correctly the toes of both feet should just touch the ground. To find the right saddle height, ride with your heels on the pedals - the legs should be nearly straight. Adjust the saddle pillar by using the allen key provided and then mark the correct position. The saddle top should preferably be horizontal. ‘Fore and aft’ positioning can also be adjusted by loosening the saddle clamp bolt and moving the saddle in the clamp. The handlebar extension can be adjusted to suit the riding position. Riding To get on and off an Alex Moulton bicycle always step through the frame. This is much safer than any other method. When riding your Alex Moulton bicycle use the lowest gear which you can comfortably pedal. Never push hard into a head wind or up a gradient when there is a lower gear available. In this way cycling is easier and more comfortable. All rim brakes require drying off in wet conditions, so for maximum safety in the rain gently apply the brakes occasionally, particularly when going down hill. The Alex Moulton bicycle is more stable under all road conditions, but the lower fly- wheel effect of the small wheels (which is the reason for the quick acceleration) makes it more difficult to ride ‘hands off’. This ‘hands off’ riding on any machine is, of course, undesirable and unsafe. The Alex Moulton bicycle with its small wheels and low centre of gravity is ideally suited to carry luggage. Specially designed bags and baskets are available. In this way loads of vp to 30lbs at the rear of the bicycle and 15lbs at the front can be carried comfortably, but do not use ordinary shopping baskets or bags fastened to the handlebars. After two weeks riding, check all nuts, chain adjustments, etc., and pay particular attention to the adjustment of the gear - your dealer will usually do this for you. Derailleur Adjustment 1. While turning pedals move lever backwards and change to second largest sprocket. 2. Still turning pedals gently, try to shift to the largest sprocket. (a) If you are unable to shift on to this sprocket, turn adjusting screw B counter- clockwise until the chain moves to the largest sprocket. (b) If you can shift to the largest sprocket and continued movement of the shifting lever causes the chain to override, then turn screw B clockwise until the shifting lever stops with the chain in the correct position on the largest sprocket. 3. To adjust shifting of the chain to the smallest sprocket, repeat the proceedure outlined in No. 2 above using screw A. Tyres o To reduce rolling resistance and thereby make cycling easier, ensure that the tyres are inflated hard. The unique suspension system will iron out the bumps. Recommended pressures are: Front 70; rear 90lbs per sq. inch. Pressographe tyre gauge suitable for measuring these pressures can be obtained from your dealer. If you should puncture a tyre (which can be repaired in the same way as those fitted to conventional machines), take care in replacing the wheels as correct alignment is an important factor in preserving the straight line handling qualities of your bicycle. Wheel Alignment On replacing the front wheel make sure that the wheel spindle is fully home in the fork- ends. On the AM2 rear wheel check that the clearances between the rear forks and either side of rim are equal and do not tighten the rear wheel nuts until you have correctly adjusted the chain tension. Also the brake arm of the Fichtel & Sacks duomatic hub has to be secured in position. On the AM7 ensure that the rear spindle is fully located in the vertical dropouts before tightening spindle nuts. Lubrication Your Alex Moulton bicycle has been pre- lubricated therefore only when necessary lubricate sparingly the moving parts. On the rare occasions when the front suspension may require lubricating remove the handlebar extension and put only one or two drops of oil down the inside of the head tube. Maintenance of all individual conventional compenents is easily mastered and for further information we suggest you obtain one of the following publications:- The Penguin Book of the Bicycle by Roderick Watson and Martin Gray Richard's Bicycle Book by Richard Ballantine (PAN) British Patents Applied for. Design numbers 1 010 043/4/5/6. World Patents and designs pending. A Alex Moulton Bicycles Certificate ot Ownership Sidi Hex Malta! Bieyele has been hand built a Bradford en Aven using the finest materials and pars, has been and examined and & quarantocd, subjoel le lho conditions cveileaf: Dr. Alex Moulton C.B.E., R.D.I., F. Eng. Founder and Managing Director ALEX MOULTON LIMITED BRADFORD ON AVON ENGLAND Ownership Registration To assist the company to carry out its guarantee undertaking please complete this card and return to address overleaf. Bicycle No. Name Address Occupation Previous bicycle (if any) Do you belong to any cycle club or organisation? If so which Purchased from ALEX MOULTON LIMITED Guarantee We will supply you, free of charge, with a new part in exchange for any part of your Alex Moulton bicycle which is proved defective, or, at our option, we Will repair the original part, on the following conditions: l. This guarantee is for 12 months from the date of purchase and applies only to new bicycles manufactured by Alex Moulton Limited while they remain tthe property of the first retail buyer. 2. Any part claimed to be defective must be promptly taken or sent carriage paid to the dealer from whom the bicycle was purchased or any other authorised Alex Moulton dealer, who must be given full details of the complaint and informed of the date of purchase, the frame number and the name of the selling dealer. 3. This guarantee does not extend to parts made by another manufacturer. 4. This guarantee will not apply in the following circumstances: (a) Where the bicycle is used for the purpose of hiring or for some other business use. Where the bicycle has been altered from its original specification without our prior written consent. Where any of our identification marks or trade marks has been altered or removed. Where the defect giving rise to the claim has been caused by racing, misuse, accident, neglect or improper operation. 5. Bicycles and parts returned to us remain at your risk where the claimed defect is outside the scope of this guarantee or where any of these conditions has not been complied with. Parts returned to us will be scrapped (unless otherwise agreed) one month after despatch of our decision regarding the claim. Persons or firms dealing in our bicycles have no right or authority to assume any obligations, express or implied, or to incur any liabilities on our behalf. THIS GUARANTEE DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR STATUTORY RIGHTS AS A CONSUMER. Do not affix Postage Stamps if posted in Gt. Britain, Channel Islands, N. Ireland or the Isle of Man. ALEX MOULTON LIMITED HOLT ROAD BRADFORD ON AVON BUSINESS REPLY SERVICE WILTSHIRE Licence No.BA 1036 BA15 1YU ENGLAND Postage will be paid by licensee

Moulton, Alex Moulton Bicycles (GB) Assembly Instructions und Certificate of Ownership 1980er Jahre

1980 - 1989
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