Geroth Auxiliary Motor Hilfsmotor Faltblatt 1922

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LI T( _—+vVYEZS Cee SESS EEE III an Nn ECONOMICAL Bn NEE DURABLE, EEE CPE NUT, 1724 ed wi a © = ui al a a & a w S = a as de = è > = À = S vr A & cli a da w = Ur THE MOST RELIABLE, „Geroth“ Bicycle Auxiliary Motor. It seems rather superfluous to point out in our modern time the importance of the bicycle for professional and for sporting purposes. If we will say some words about this subject it is only with regard to the revolution caused by the appearance of the bicycle auxiliary motor. It is doubtless that this event signifies the inauguration of a new epoch as well for the sportsman as for such persons who must use the bicycle as often as their profession requires in order to get over quickly considerable distances. The simple and small but however extremely capable and cheap bicycle auxiliary motor enables it to travel in a very short time a great distance quite independent of the railway or any other means of communication. No physical strain will be necessary in future and the cycling will become a pleasure even for such cyclists which are compelled to make frequent use of a bicycle, if they are enabled to reach- their destination without any exertion and at a speed of about 50 km per hour. Therefore an auxiliary motor constitutes the ideal for innume= rable cyclists as it can be mounted on every cycle without any difficulty and in the simplest manner, and it can be also taken away without any trouble. The ,GEROTH” AUXILIARY MOTOR corresponds perfectly to all exigencies of practice. This motor is constructed with all modern improvements existing at the fine of combustion engines. A special attention has been given to the fuel consumption in order to obtain the utmost economy in working. The design of our motor is a very happy one. The designer could dispose of a great deal of experience in the building of small motors, and owing to the fact that our works are equipped with the most modern machines for the motor building we began the series manufacture on a big scale. Ihis has the considerable advantage that all parts are interhangeable without any difficulty and can be furnished promptly by our factory. We use only first class materials manufactured in our own works and for which we give full guarantee, Every motor hasto stand a rigorous test of continuance after its achievement and there is not one piece that leaves our estab= lishment before it does not work in a perfect manner, The con- firmation of the above may be found in the excellent reputation of our firm which, since ted in the simplest manner upon every solidly constructed tou= many years, occupies a prominent position in the motor building fine. This motor is a precision engine in the real sense of the word and has confir= ring cycle. By mounting a belt felly upon the bak=wheel and a sup- porting fork, every ordinary bicycle can med this completely be transformed into a by long and thorough motor=cycle within a trials. It can be moun= very short time. We give in the following a description of the little mechanical wonder designed in the most ingenious manner. 1. Motor. The motor weighs only 10 kgs without fuel and there= fore it constitutes the lightest auxiliary motor. It works without valves by the two stroke cycle and at the three-way system. The bore is of 50 mm, the stroke of 60 mm, which corresponds to a useful work of 1'8 HP at the necessary number of revolutions, Alf shafts and the cross head end of the connec- ting rod are running in large sized precision ball-bearings, whereby any wear, danger of running hot or waste of power are completely eliminated. 2. Magneto. The high=tension magneto-ignition is mounted in the fly=wheel in order to reduce the weight, it is suffi= ciently protected against every prejudicial influence by the fly=wheel casing of aluminium and secures a very intensive formation of sparks by means of a sparking plug. The mounted regulator of the time of ignition enables it to regulate the number of revolutions without any change of the gas quantity. On this way only the highest capacity of a machine can be obtained. 3. Carburettor. The carburettor is a floatless one and secures the utmost economy of fuel, it is fitted with a throttle valve for the governing. The nozzle, which is easily inter= changeable, can be cleaned even while cycling in case that any foreign substance should penetrate into it <chokings) evitating by this way any trouble of dismantling the nozzle on the road. 4, Lubrication. The lubrication of all moving parts is performed automatically because 8-10°/, of oil are added to the fuel whereby all parts of the motor are sufficiently oiled even under the most unfavourable circumctances. 5. Power transmission. The transmission of power is effectuated by a conical disc=pulley of steel-sheet keyed on the driving shaft by means of a wedge-shaped belt that drives a similar disc=pulley mounted on the back-wheel. By an ingenious device any slipping away of the belt is practically eliminated. 6. Management. The motor can be attended by two levers which are fixed on the handle-bar whid disposition is a very Simple one and will be clear to every cyclist without any trouble. 7. Cooling. The cylinder is cooled by farge sized cooling ribs which prevent any overheating of the cylinder even at a low speed. 8. Fuel consumption. The benzine tank is for a contents of about 2 litres and is sufficient for a trip of about 120 km, that proves the economical working of our carburettor. 9, Riding capacity and speed. The riding speed can be raised from the lowest up to the highest pace of 45 km and more (on the race-course there has been attained a speed of more than 60 km), The motor works also at steep slopes with a regular number of revolutions and preserves by this way the driver of any troubles. 10. Guarantee. All parts of our motor are scrupulously tested before they are assembled. After the assembling every motor of our production is rigorously tested on the power brake and leaves our works only if all trials have proved satisfactorily. 11. We pack with every motor the necessary tools and are always well stocked with spare parts. An instruction for the mounting of the motor will be added likewise, however, we recommend to charge our works with that labour where it will be done in the best and cheapest manner, 12. If we resume, we believe that our above assertion is fully justified i. e. that with our bicycle auxiliary-motor ,,Geroth’” we habe brought in the market a fully reliable, durable, economical model of the highest capacity. All practical trials are proving this and we sell this instrument with the certainty to offer thereby a first class mark adapted as well for the sportsman as for the private cyclist. We are quite convinced that the excellent results obtained till now by our bicycle auxiliary-motor ,,Geroth” will continue and also endow the best success in future. Extrasstrong touring cycle with motor mounted within the frame. attained the L and HL Prize intheRiederberg Race June 11“1922 D Oe M:V. over 4 kms in the class Za up to 125 cm° The ,,Geroth” Motor has attained in this race the best time of ali auxiliary motors /Viliusfahrt” of the D. Oe. M. V. in the Burgenland June 18" 1922 Competition of the light motor=cycles over the way Vienna — Shwechat — Stixneusiedl — Eisenstadt — Vienna — Laxenburgerallee — about 115 kilometres 2 drivers starting 2 drivers Without punitive points ar the post International Motor-Cycle Competition June 23" 1922 Vienna —Linz — Vienna for bicycles with auxiliary=motors over the way up to Amstetten and back. 1 driver starting and without punitive points at the post Motor-Cycle-Race at the Fair in Graz August, 27" 1922 over the race-course. Class II for auxiliary motors up to 150 cm I. Prize

Geroth Auxiliary Motor Hilfsmotor Faltblatt 1922

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